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Experience the Gold Standard in Outplacement Consultancy with Optitude OCC! We don’t just offer solutions, we revolutionise transitions during the critical moments of restructuring or downsizing.

We’re the masters of navigating change, adept at turning turbulence into tranquillity. With our innovative strategies, your employees don’t just survive change – they thrive with minimised stress and anxiety. All while your company’s esteemed reputation remains not just unscathed but enhanced. Partner with Optitude OCC – where excellence is the norm and extraordinary results are guaranteed.

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Your Partner in Seamless Corporate Transition

& Reputation Management”

We are a premier Outplacement Consultancy firm that provides innovative and efficient solutions to companies during times of restructuring or downsizing. Our services ensure a smooth transition for employees, reducing stress and anxiety during these challenging periods, while simultaneously protecting your organisation’s brand reputation.

Our specialists are on hand to give you peace of mind.








Transforming Goodbyes into Fresh Starts: With our Career Transition Specialists

Picture this: an employee walking out of your office with their head held high, a roadmap in their hand for their next career journey. That’s what our Career Transition Services do. With personalised advice, a resume that grabs recruiters’ attention, and interview skills that’d make a politician envious, we make your employees irresistible to their next employer.


Top-Level Transitions: The Chess Game of Executive Careers

Consider this our exclusive Executive Outplacement service. We understand that your upper-echelon personnel have intricate requirements that go beyond a simple job hunt. They’re not merely seeking another employment opportunity but strategising significant career advancements. Like seasoned chess grandmasters, our team carefully crafts and executes strategies, ensuring your top executives navigate their way to their future corner offices with finesse. We believe in being open and honest with our clients, holding them accountable and supporting them through their job search.

“We’re not just another outplacement service; we’re the team that companies rely on when they need to send their loyal employees off with the respect they’ve earned.”

Eva Sekeres

As a coach,  Simon is wholeheartedly dedicated to the achievements of his client’s goals. He is both courteous and razor-sharp in his approach sharing valuable strategic and tactical insight. He combines an excellent knowledge of psychology, hands-on business skills and a rare insight into making his clients stand out from the crowd.

I am truly grateful for his valuable interventions and advice. I strongly recommend him as an executive career coach for his professionalism, “can do” attitude and depth of insight.

Eva-Sekeres, Pillars of Successful Parenting

I was referred to Simon after commencing a job search after 15 years with one employer. Having been out of the job search world for some time Simon made me feel at ease and made me feel valued.

Simon has first class knowledge and advice to share on how to stand out on various platforms. His coaching and support have enabled me to land a new role extremely quickly in a Covid world. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simon!

Jo Barker, Strategic Employer Consultant at Speakers for Schools

Having recently moved on from a Digital Marketing role, a friend recommended that I speak to Optitude Outplacement & Career Consulting (OCC) to help me to evaluate my key strengths, transferable skills, and areas of development required to take my career to the next level.

I was introduced to Simon Childs who suggested I work with them on their “New Horizons” Career accelerator programme. Simon worked with me over several sessions to get my CV up to scratch, to develop my approach to the market and to develop my interviewing skills. Simon, I just want to say thank you, as further to your advice and guidance I have managed to secure my perfect Job.

I was amazed at the speed at which I was able to both attain and deliver at interviews. Your interviewing technique training gave me the confidence I needed to ace my interview and secure my dream job. 😊

Dorothy Morgan, A leading Media Company

Simon has been an invaluable and impartial supporter of my career. He brings a wealth of pragmatic advice, professionalism and knowledge gained from his many years of leading edge experience in search and executive selection.

Above all, Simon has an engaging style and a calm demeanor which can be so reassuring when supporting anxious clients. That said, he can and will, always be clear and extremely focused when meeting his objectives.

In short, Simon is a highly efficient, professional and cost effective senior recruiting manager who delivers results for clients in the most constructive and effective manner.

Roy Ebanks, Cabinet Office

Simon is quite frankly a breath of fresh air in the Executive Search sector. His energy and creative thought processes in assisting me in my job search show no bounds.

His willingness to offer time, advice and honest critique with regard to my career requirements without any assurance of financial reward demonstrates his integrity and passion for the betterment of others. A real professional, I would recommend Simon to anyone, be they, candidate or employer.

Simon Lane, Commercial Director at MFX Biotech and Industry Forex Group

I found Simon easy to work with and he gave me a whole range of sound advice on how I should approach seeking my new role.  He was prepared to spend the time to understand my needs and answer my queries and concerns. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others or looking to use his services myself if the chance arises in the future. Thank you.

Adam Ronaldson ACA, Treveth Holdings LLP - Commercial and Financial Director
I have had the pleasure of working with Simon who invests his time, significant expertise, and wealth of experience into his projects. He shows an unconditional commitment to the organizations he is consulting for and spends significant time with candidates to ensure they are the right fit. Simon is a real people person with the commercial acumen to identify the right people.
Phillip Gaut, Senior Director, Display and Memory Solutions at Samsung Australia

I met Simon over a two-hour coffee at the tail end of 2019 when I was moving out of my previous role. It strikes you early as you talk to Simon that he is interested in you as a person & how you work within teams – there’s a drive to understand what ‘makes you tick rather than just what you’ve done. I’d highly recommend Simon as a career adviser/exec search who’ll be an honest friend/confidant to guide you through your career.

Julian Brewer, Head Of Analytics at Zesty

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