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The team at Optitude OCC have all been carefully gathered together to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, advice, and support. Whether you are considering a career change, are focussing on improving your opportunities to climb your career ladder, or have team members who need corporate outsourced support, we’re here for you.

Annabelle Hartley
Annabelle HartleyHead of Mental Wellness
Welcome to Optitude OCC’s Mental Wellness Hub, expertly led by our counselling specialist, Annabelle Hartley. Harnessing her deep understanding of the mind-body connection, Anna brings a unique and comprehensive approach to Mental Wellness in the workplace.
Our key offering is the anonymous Mental Wellness Sessions, where employees can safely address their stressors, be they work-related or personal. Employees can book confidential sessions with just a few clicks, finding relief and understanding in a judgement-free space.
Simon Childs
Simon Childs Managing Director Optitude OCC
Simon Childs is the founder and CEO of Optitude. He has over 25 years of experience in Executive Headhunting, Career Coaching and Corporate Outplacement. Simon’s passion for psychology first led him to develop a unique candidate interviewing and assessment approach around 1999, which later led him create the “Optitude Method” of attitudinal based evaluation, career coaching and development.
For many years, Simon has been assisting senior professionals in elevating their careers to new heights, helping them break glass ceilings and successfully navigate the political maze of the corporate culture. He enjoys getting people excited about their careers, developing their niches and leading with passion.

Kim Walsh
Kim WalshOD, L&D, HR Specialist
Kim is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development with over 25 years of HR experience gained within senior positions at major brands across multiple sectors, including Financial Services (Insurance and Money Transfer), Pharma Retail, FMCG Manufacturing the Oil and Gas Industry. She specialises in HR, OD & L&D Kim’s leverages her wealth of knowledge with thoughtfulness and insight, but she doesn’t pull her punches. Instead, she adopts a practical, common-sense approach and gets the job done, working and collaborating with others to sort things out to a successful conclusion.
Thorbjorn Bengtson
Thorbjorn BengtsonPsychometric Assessment Specialist
Thorbjorn is the Managing Director of Inpsyght Consultancy, where he utilises psychometric assessments and business psychology; to help clients implement appropriate, accurate and scientific methods of screening and selection. His primary focus is assessing the potential, Risk, and Values of candidates. For example, by measuring Personality, Aptitude and Culture fit, Inpsyght can accurately predict a candidate’s workplace performance, risk tendencies and engagement levels.

“As a scientific orientated company, we always strive to keep our knowledge base updated according to new research in the field of Industrial/Organisational Psychology and Psychometrics.”

Thorbjorn Bengston

Jane Gunn
Jane GunnCorporate Mediator and Conflict Resolution Specialist
Jane Gunn is a former city solicitor, now a full time mediator with 20 years experience of mediating commercial cases. She has mediated hundreds of disputes and is frequently chosen for her extensive mediation experience as well as her ability to handle complex and emotive cases. Accredited in 1996 (CEDR) she is a Mediator Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators a CMC registered mediator and an IMI (The International Mediation Institute) Certified International Mediator.
Chris Pearce
Chris PearceExecutive Leadership Coach
Chris Pearse has spent nearly 20 years working with CEOs, directors and senior managers from every sector, including FTSE100s, government, academia, SMEs and non-profits. he delivers leadership development programmes and coaching to accelerate leaders’ evolution through self-awareness and self-leadership. Chris has set up and run tech businesses in the UK and overseas, originally qualifying as a chartered engineer.