Corporate Outplacement

Outplacement Support, provided by forward-thinking organisations, serves as a lifeline for employees facing redundancy. This is not just a service but an investment with a track record. A Harvard Business Review study found that organisations offering Outplacement Support recorded a 17% higher employee retention rate, showcasing its immense value in nurturing the workforce and paving the way for new job opportunities swiftly and efficiently.

The UK boasts a tradition of Outplacement Support embraced by thousands of visionary organisations. These employers understand its value – in fact, research indicates that companies providing outplacement services experience a 28% decrease in cost per hire. Traditionally reserved for top brass, this service now champions equality, extending its benefits to all levels and grades of employees.

Outplacement Support today is not an afterthought; it’s a vital chapter in the employee lifecycle. It leaves a lasting impact on transitioning employees, transforming them into proud brand advocates. In fact, companies with solid outplacement programs see up to a 50% increase in their brand reputation scores. Done right, Outplacement Support not only boosts organisational performance but can also stimulate job creation and even fuel economic growth.

Imagine an organisation that’s not just a stepping stone but a launchpad. An organisation that supports employees during transitions, increasing brand loyalty and enhancing its reputation. That’s the power of Outplacement Support. And with research suggesting that 72% of job seekers consider an employer’s outplacement support reputation when seeking employment, it’s not just about today; it’s a strategic, future-proof investment. Join the ranks of those responsible organisations. Change lives, starting with your own.

Why should your organisation invest in

Corporate Outplacement Support?

Empower your departing employees with the tailored advice and robust support they rightfully deserve. This gesture does more than just signal your genuine care for them; it significantly boosts the morale and productivity of your remaining team members, fostering a more positive and productive work environment

Guard your brand’s reputation.

Layoffs and redundancies are undoubtedly challenging. Employees parting ways may harbour ill feelings, and the ones staying back might be rattled and anxious about their job security. With expert career advice and support for your departing team, you can ensure they exit on positive terms, thereby preserving your company’s esteemed reputation. Visualize avoiding the predicament of a disgruntled ex-employee leaving a bitter, 1-star review on Glassdoor.

Minimise the risk of costly litigation

A prolonged, unsuccessful job search can often lead a former employee to harbour resentment towards their previous employer. A comprehensive outplacement program, strategically designed to focus on future opportunities, can significantly mitigate such negative sentiments, fostering goodwill and preserving your company’s reputation.

Seamlessly transition to the future

By championing your departing employees’ journey towards brighter opportunities, you’re not only enhancing their prospects but also fortifying your company’s internal structure for a seamless transition. This forward-thinking approach fosters a culture of respect and mutual growth, paving the way for a prosperous and harmonious future.

Investing in corporate outplacement support

Investing in Corporate Outplacement Support is not just about caring for your existing employees; it’s about protecting your brand, reducing potential legal risks, and fostering a smooth transition. But most importantly, it’s about demonstrating your organization’s integrity and commitment to its most significant asset – its people. Make the smart choice today. Choose Corporate Outplacement Support for a secure tomorrow. Embrace change, champion your employees, and elevate your organization to new heights of success. Take the first step now.

Take a decisive step today. Choose Corporate Outplacement Support, a strategic tool to bolster your organization’s future. By embracing change and championing your employees, you can elevate your business to new heights of success. Our comprehensive service is more than just support; it’s a partnership navigating you through change, and cementing your organization’s commitment to its people. A secure future isn’t just a promise, it’s an attainable reality with the right decisions.

Now, it’s time to act. Contact our expert consultants to learn more about our outplacement services. This is about making a commitment to your employees and your organisation’s future. Begin your journey towards progress. Reach out to us today. Your decisive step starts now.