Accelerated Job Search Packages


SlingShot-Horizon® Packages Change the Speed & Trajectory of Your Job Search!

Optitude OCC provides a range of packages to suit all budgets to help you on the journey to a much-improved career path.

Sometimes we help clients to “step up” in or “step out” of their current role or organisation to achieve their career objectives. On the other hand, we help many clients to accelerate their job search, reduce the stress of redundancy and rejection and win at Interviews.

As career coaches, we support you through decision making, guide you through goal setting, and empower you to apply for and get the job you want and deserve.

Sling Shot Horizon
Accelerated Job Search Packages


Because Your Career Matters!

OPTITUDE Mid-Career Coaching

3 & 6 Month Bespoke Career Coaching Packages Available Now! From £4995

Bespoke career coaching over 3 – 12 months

We all are different and understand that we all have diverse career and life objectives, challenges, and learning styles. That’s why OPTITUDE offers a bespoke coaching programme tailored specifically to your needs.

By having a conversation with you and listening to where your career has been and where you would like it to take you, we can build an expert coaching programme designed to help you achieve your goals. Then, utilising other experts when needed, we also ensure you have access to the coaches you need to take the following steps on your career journey. So whether you are considering a career change or are focused on climbing the leadership ladder, we’ll ensure that your coaching hits all your targets.

Because of the bespoke nature of our programme, our mid-career coaching packages will always work at your pace, ensuring that you have the time to focus on and test new ideas and providing the opportunity for personal reflection.

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone, face your fears and take massive strides along your career path,

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